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Koşu Parkuru


Considering that the effect of technology on the elderly population is relatively slow, the fact that the older and younger population spent more time in the quarantine process before the new normal accelerated this interaction and shortened the period of variation of consumption preferences over time.


In addition to the consumption habits of the elderly population, whose adaptation rate to the new generation technology has increased, the increase of knowledge about TV watching, news tracking, and conscious nutrition has increased the volume of the interacting sectors in the World.

In the risk analysis between responding or not responding to the demand in time, if the changing demand habits of the elderly population cannot be responded in time, we will observe together how fast the rate of returning to their old habits is in the new normal, which competes with time.


We can say that the new normally faster one, which changes with every aspect of our lives, from healthcare, food, textiles to informatics, from logistics to telecommunications, will be more likely to remain in the market.

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