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Advanced Electronics

Building Technologies


We advise our clients on new automation technology, HVAC,lighting, security and fire safety technologies and how to increase the efficiency and life period of their services. It is an accepted reality that the comfort of the users and the uninterrupted service are provided while saving the energy, time,labor and cost by increasing the automation levels of the buildings.

The implementation of advanced technological systems to existing and under construction buildings meets the trend in modernization as well as guiding manufacturers in innovation phase.

As QanaQ, we provide consultancy services to manufacturers, control contractors and implementing firms regarding market opportunities and value chains of automation systems, customer requirements ans effective use of software while QanaQtrade helps them solve the difficulties encountered in search for a market that meets the demands conveyed to us. 


We give services on Project preparation, financing, management , control in public buildings, plazas,logistic hubs, malls, hotels, residences, hospitals, schools, gyms , restaurant chains and other buildings in the fields of elevator, lighting , LED lighting , heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, security, fire safety.

Power Transmission and Distribution


We work with companies that develop energy transmission cables, transformers, switch gear and other power transmission, distribution products and systems and hardware&software supported solutions . The effect of power transfer units which are widely used in all kinds of technology and production transfer on costs is also in the first place in financial analysis for QanaQ.

Energy is an important part of the company’s operating costs. We are supportive of transmission performance consultancy from maximizing power tribunes of energy facilities and technology stabilization to savings stabilization. The time spent by companies to reach information in management and other units quickly and effectively has become very important.

Bilgisayar Robotu

Industrial Distribution


We help industrial automation and distributors in the global market achieve commercial and organizational excellence in the face of fast change and increased competition.

Accurate analysis of the global demand balance for distributors is important. Competitiveness parameters also vary in the commercial life, where the market hosts multiple brands and the internet is easier and widespread.

Determining the right strategy, taking protective measures for the distributor and the main provider, increasing the competitiveness are our main goals.In this process, our consultants can guide companies and individual managers with a neutral, independent perspective, and help them create a structured, transformative approach.

Our cope of expertise covers all industrial distribution sectors, including environmentally friendly building products, including all infrastructure and superstructure products, electronics, electrical components, HVAC and plumbing, IT , automotive parts and general industrial products.



As QanaQ family we are constantly helping our clients improve their performance in good times and in bad situations by understanding the cyclical nature and challenges of industry in the machinery.

We follow critical improvements and solutions by monitoring the effects of flow control, inventory control, packaging processes on margins, as a follower of the awareness of mechanization in all kinds of specialty products to industry intensive production panels.

In this landscape, we enable industrial distributors to scale, adopt innovative technologies, create a digital strategy, standardize their main operations and processes and simplify the management process and improve execution.

MSc Systems and Industrial Automation


In industrial automation, which includes a wide range of services from intelligent IT solution to system controlling and robotic engineering, QanaQ consultants aimed to offer our clients more than a reasonable good.

Our group of experts on transfer solutions, which erase unnecessary details from designs that want to break ground from being stationary, will make your difference again by feeding from business dynamics.

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