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Roket Fırlatma

Aerospace & Defense


Today, with the increase of state and private sector support and cooperation models, there is a serious increase in investment budgets for the aviation industry.


Technological innovations, increasing competition environment, changes in the organizational structure can affect businesses in the aviation and defense industries.


High budget investments and high turnover in the sector although companies draw attention with their leadership, we can say that they supply products from many companies in the field of software and production and thus the dynamics of the industry are diverse.


It is important that companies are directed to projects that are compatible with the vision, mission, strategy and tactics they set in their commercial decisions.


In the aviation and defense industry, this information often includes company-specific and confidential information.


On the other hand, public cooperation models are frequently encountered in the aviation and defense sectors.


As QanaQ in both sectors, we pay attention to security and risk analysis in international treaties, banking transfer procedures, partnership and management processes while offering consultancy services at the public and private sector levels of international and local collaborations.


We provide consultancy services for companies' participation in tenders and procurement of goods, taking into consideration the working procedures of relations and ministries between countries.


We offer our consultancy services regarding the internal functioning of companies, partnership structure mergers and acquisitions, business partnerships with our expert partners that we work with in more than one country.

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