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It is clear that public and private sector investments in all areas gain speed and volume.

With the awareness of the importance of agriculture in every stage of life, our efforts are supported by our technical and scientific researches, from supporting producers and informing producers to organic production project supports, export and import consultancy, and the benefit of our clients and end consumers.

It is important that agriculture, which is included in the International Development Goals, is realized and sustained at a level that protects nature, has high nutritional value, maximizes efficiency and diversifies production areas.

While defining the right agribusiness we should talk about a complex system management including seed quality, irrigation, spraying, harvesting method, storage and correct pricing and the financing of this process.

The Qanaq family meets with producers of all sizes from agricultural cooperatives with a common purpose and provides support services at every stage of agricultural trade. Some of these services include obtaining agricultural permits, determining the right land and putting it into operation, correct use of financial resources, and installing irrigation systems.

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