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The finance and marketing strategy of companies listed on the stock exchange in the automotive sector, where import and export are intertwined, should be handled within the brand integrity.


Automotive is a perfect correlation reflection for QanaQ, in which designs in which difference is internalized touch life.


Automotive is power.


Automotive investments offer the opportunity to take place in high-awareness channels by realizing unlimited comfort requests in imaginable dimensions with limited cost items.


The automotive industry is competitive. Spare parts manufacturers have their own internal dynamics.


Automotive is among the dynamic sectors that breathe live and fast.


We lead the adaptation of technology-intensive production by utilizing collective sciences in the application of solution methods, as well as the reality analysis of the goals of innovative companies that want to produce superior to their competitors in the market, where automobile and spare parts manufacturers are increasingly sectorally.


From the independent audit and control of the supply chain, the special audit service of the company financial statements for shareholders is at the top of the list of needs of the company partners traded on the stock exchange.


As QanaQ, for individuals and companies serving in the automotive industry;


  • To develop an innovative perspective on the value-creating elements of the business executives of the company executives and to provide fast and unbiased risk analysis reporting during the operation process,

  • To manage the advantages and disadvantages of the business performance from a different point of view with a reliable and impartial assessment,

  • Presenting an analysis of long-term partnership risks and benefits in the process of finding financial resources on a global scale for the new target market in new models and product promotions,

  • To play an active role in establishing the right and reliable partnership base when needed,

  • We prepare the necessary studies to reduce the design, production and marketing costs by evaluating the technological design and modeling costs as a whole with the after sales service costs.


Because by making the decision to invest from small to large capacity, the investor changes and reconstructs both her own life and the lives of the people who serves for the invest and the consumers.

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