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The relationship between the board and the CEO is often intertwined and confused. Strategies or solutions can clash at risky times or in new ventures. It is imperative to formulate an effective board strategy in such situations, which also creates responsibility for partners in terms of accountability.


Publicly traded companies are important in assessing the legal and financial viability of the board strategy for QanaQ. Accountability and the questioning rate of the strategy increase with the increasing number of partners.


While making strategic decisions, the Board of Directors should evaluate the legal compliance by predicting the future.


It is known that challenging financial processes lead to risky decisions and the results also affect managers who construct a wrong strategy.


It is important to ensure that the annual budget and investment financing strategy approved by the board of partners is adopted by management for all businesses.


It is our job to determine your management strategy, to conduct strategy development studies, to check your strategy's compliance with the decisions, to resolve any conflicts among the members of the board of directors.

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