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Business Conference



We see that the global market is hosting more and more companies that adopt similar strategies day by day. The strategies of big brands spread shortly after they started to be implemented and inspired many businesses.


However, it is a fact that this situation will create “burnout syndrome” at some point. It is possible that the dynamics of the market, which is constantly getting used to the development with the leadership of big brands, will try to turn back with innovation after a while. As we get closer to the top technology, it is possible to observe the increasing admiration of technology lacking and simple in every sector.


At the point where the sector's capacity is insufficient, we know that market breaks and destruction processes can intensify. The business strategy for QanaQ is not to try to be one of the companies that make management planning with copy operations.


Unlike other consultancy companies, we aim to show you that the business strategy required for increasing the differences of the internal dynamics of the company and for the management of private and valuable companies, as well as explaining their great brand experience and leadership.


If no strategy is determined to be different and leader, the executive commitment of the work should be questioned.

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