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Kimya Tesisi



It is common to encounter more than one chemical at every stage in the industrial sector.


If you have not thought of looking at the chemicals we use in industry and daily life in the industry, QanaQ will be happy to introduce you to the chemical industry and guide you in innovations.


QanaQ creates market and brand strategy for chemical industry companies organized with local and international partners, appropriate resource research in case of capital needs, mergers and acquisitions within growth opportunities, facility and product licensing or renewal, facility management system assessment, brand & patent realization, qualification While providing consultancy services on standardization issues, it also ensures the revision of your projects at the right time by following the direction of global developments.


In the chemical industry, companies often need to strengthen their strengths through mergers or acquisitions, and experienced players in the newly opened market need to be fully and fully informed about the advantages of reaching their goals faster by adding their commercial knowledge to their own knowledge.


Researches show that the volume of mergers and acquisitions in the chemical industry is increasing.


It is essential for continuity that the analysis of the product's technical characteristics and the by-product sectors to serve will be based on a strong basis, as well as ensuring that the right product is offered at the right time and at the best price among the points that should be adopted as a strategy.


We have all seen in many instances that the inattentive orientation caused loss of reputation and brand value as well as cost and time loss.


It is a fact that the oil and gas companies, which have reached a considerable size in the global market, to allocate their targets for the next 10 years to the chemical industry, are the precursors of the increase in product diversity, as well as the competitive environment that will warm up will serve the displacement of domino stones in the market.


The mining sector takes the first place in the use of chemical industry products. Mining is followed by consumer goods, construction materials, oil and gas, and the automotive sectors.


As QanaQ, the presentation of the information beyond the awareness of the information is not only the knowledge of the business, but also the efforts of our company to market all kinds of chemicals in the mining, health, electrical, mechanical, defense, telecommunication, informatics, aviation, agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, insulation, coloring industries and to have a solid place in commercial life with the right partnerships. and we are aware that its use captures strategic excellence.


Therefore, strong consulting and correct timing are top priority for us.

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