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In the global market, construction and real estate investment projects are a matter of interest and business for both domestic and foreign investors, governments and financial institutions.

Establishing domestic and foreign partnerships in housing, business center, shopping mall, hotel, school, hospital construction projects, creating or supervising the project's cost, creating appropriate financial resources from the banks and other financial institutions, bringing the project together with the right investor, conducting the construction works we provide our customers with the creation and management of joint venture conditions, the supply of materials, equipment, machinery, subcontractors and human resources, the revision and completion of projects that are incomplete, the liquidation of business partnerships, and the board consultancy services in accordance with international and local legislation.

By creating a project team with professionals who are experts in their field in international investments;

- Port construction & operation projects

- Airport construction & operation projects

- Dam & wastewater plant construction & operation projects

- Toll highway construction & operation projects

- Marina construction & operation projects

- Logistics Hub & Hangar construction & operation projects

- Railway construction & operation projects

- Cultural assets construction & operation projects

- Museum construction&operation projects

- Sports complex construction & operation projects we provide international standards cost, financial analysis, reporting and management consultancy services for power plants construction & operation projects.

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