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Tüm Doğal Toplu Gıda Dağıtma




From the first years of the history of human trade, where animal skins and horns were used as packaging, we can say that the effect and importance of the packaging used on product sales has been observed after the 19th century. In the 19th century, we rarely see that the packaging was mentioned with its designer.


The packaging of the product, the dimensions, quality, color, brand coordination of the packaging require technical and legal examination. The necessity of technical cooperation at the stage of creating the marketing strategy cannot be denied.


Long-term survival and equilibrium of producers in the developing and changing market can be achieved primarily by analyzing regional differences and ensuring correct positioning in price competition.


Despite the tendency of consumption of animal products in developed countries, the trend of consumption of herbal products especially in food is high in developing countries. This shows us that the economic development level of countries and the type of consumption habits of the society are in interaction with food.


We can separate the packaged products from food to cleaning products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, from electronic to textile.


As QanaQ, our customers, who do wholesale and retail trade of packaged consumer goods, are given consultancy services in the local and international market for market analysis, price and demand positioning, technical improvement, competitive advantage cooperation, brand reliability, protection and brand harmonization, logistics, distributorship and other issues.

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