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Gazetesinde Stok Grafikler



It is essential that the market strategy and financial modeling are harmonized. Adaptation should be capable of meeting even variable investor and customer variable preferences.


Portfolio management supports corporate growth and finances long-term growth. It is also important to manage investor relations by consolidating the principles of transparency and trust. Foreign investors who may be shy enough to shift their preference to another investment may need support in the decision-making process.


The investor's awareness of the company's financial model strengthens its future secondary investment support decision.


Increasing the capital commitment of the partners of the company requires the adoption of the common strategy and maintaining the balance between the management and the partners. It is part of professional process management to persuade that necessary estimates are made and measures are taken against long-term risks while financing from both partners and foreign sources.


It is the principle for QanaQ to remember that what is written on papers touches the lives of stakeholders.

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