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Antik kalıntılar


It is the service that must be provided to all humanity, not only for them, but for the societies to research their historical heritage, protect the assets they find and share the information they have acquired with all humanity.

We know that the history of humanity is learned through art and other cultural assets, and that the traces and signs of sociological, religious and political process have touched today and tomorrow through these values.

These assets are used in the writing of historical scenarios in the cinema and TV series sector, and in adapting modern production possibilities in costume and space design to the previous period.

It is necessary to research and protect these works in terms of fashion, theater, medicine, engineering, architecture, law, politics, philosophy, literature and language history.

As QanaQ, we have signed architectural projects at international museum standards, participated in large-scale archaeological studies, managed projects in both excavation and expertise processes, managed collections of literary works of the same period or works of the same artist, and have been involved in international projects in the field of restoration architecture. We are pleased to come together and provide consultancy services on finance, investment, engineering, equipment, labor, legislation in projects related to arts and cultural assets and enrich this day by day on an international scale.

By partnering with art galleries, academies, artistic organizations, concerts, congress and conference projects, we enjoy the privilege of taking part in the past, today and tomorrow and even in all areas of art.

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