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The development of different international branding models in education and training services in a foreign language is in the interest of investors as well as those benefiting from education service. While supporting the international institutions and organizations operating in the field of education in the global market within the brand integrity, we attach importance to the fact that local investment partners and business officials are qualified to adapt to the planned model.


Being aware of the fact that the brand value of educational institutions is formed from their own internal dynamics and the long-lasting efforts of a strong team, it is among our primary goals to have a positive place in the lives of students.


As QanaQ, while providing consultancy services to businesses that dream of making the educational institution brand a global brand, we start by conducting local and foreign market research on the brand values ​​of educational institutions with our reliable and professional partner with whom we cooperate in more than one place in the world.


Our reports, prepared by carefully examining the legal legislation for each country's educational institutions, ensure that our customers looking for investors and those who want to invest are able to see the shortcomings of the investment decision about the legal risks that can be encountered in the long term as well as reliable and reliable investment cooperation.

In the next step, we prepare the investment partnership model or finance source research report that is suitable for the system and the brand in the countries where investment decisions are made. After completing the financial modeling of our client in accordance with the investment decision, we bring our customers together with local or foreign investment partners, business managers, appropriate people and institutions that can serve the agency.

Since our consultancy services are also management consultancy, we consult with our customers and undertake management and management in the countries where we will designate the brand of the educational institution, and continue our supervision and surveillance service on behalf of the investor throughout the investment period.


We provide student exchange programs consultancy services to domestic and foreign educational institutions and language schools by providing partnership agreements with other schools around the world if they meet our target criteria. We are able to serve all language schools, institutions and organizations providing primary education, high school, university, auxiliary talent courses, necessary training and courses in business life, physical training, art training, personal development and awareness training and other training.

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