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Changing company managers for unexpected reasons for any reason may disrupt all plans. We can say that a prepared company can be the right choice for sound investments.

From time to time, we see that the war of the rival firm attracted key managers and the process was completed taking into account the responsibility for compensation. You don't have to worry about your manager change in QanaQ powered businesses.

It is our job to turn the short-term risk image into an opportunity. We are sure that you will be grateful for leaving the manager who left. If you believe that the growth you want can be achieved with innovation, we would like to say that you have opened your business one step further.


When providing growth and innovation services to businesses, we can insist that this is what needs to be done if it is necessary to go three steps one step forward and not two steps back.


It is possible to escape from innovation. But if you want to escape, you are willing to retreat and disappear.

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