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We provide the necessary consultancy services for brand owners in the world market, with projects suitable for their business and investment capacities, to owners and investors who are eager to become a world brand in clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and furniture.

We observe the principles of innovation and sustainability while providing consultancy services to the business owners, who make a difference with their design and design in a wide range from ceramic products to textile products, but now aim to be a global company with contract manufacturing and own brand in the global market.


It is important to enter the foreign markets, where design, design and dimensions are diversified according to product usage habits, with the right product, right design and right collaborations.

The most enjoyable part of fashion & design consultancy, which also needs integrity with the brand strategy, is that even though we provide our consultancy services only to companies, even end consumers benefit indirectly from this service.

We provide services to companies that want to continuously develop collaborations in the foreign market with the standards of the countries in the target market, consumption and usage habits, advertising & promotional organizations and on these issues.

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