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The mining and metal industry, which requires large and constant investments, has high risk factors in terms of business management and employee safety.


Starting from the R&D stage, the time required for the profitability level of the enterprises to increase in this area preferred by persistent and relatively durable investors is long and partially uncertain.


Due to the fact that iron and steel and other metal mines affect the production power in various industries and the balance in costs, it is licensed for errors in the planning of the connections, installation expenses, drilling costs, license period, general operating expenses, export inputs, reserve capital and financial needs of the mine ore production facilities. however, we see that it causes piles of quarries that have stopped production.


In metal mining, prices are being determined by supply-demand factors in the world market and it is very difficult to compete.


While providing consultancy services in metal mining, we first analyze the size of the ore deposit. This phase is the beginning for the use of ore reserves at the optimum production scale, for the calculation and planning of operating and investment costs.


If the reserve and production scale cannot be determined accurately and accurately, investment costs increase and the enterprise loses both time and money. This is often the reason why many mining operations have become idle soon.

After determining the optimum production scale, the second step is to calculate operating and investment costs. We know very well that internal efficiency changes in line with processes.


Although advanced technology is used to reduce the cost of concentrate and refinery processes in metal production, the loss cost also plays an important role in calculating the cost of the processes required to obtain the pure form of the product.


The sensitivity parameter of each business may not be the same. Metal lya, ore grade, ore preparation efficiency, transportation cost, dilution, ore gain, reserve and reduction rates help us determine both the operational life and investment costs.


The fluctuations in metal prices can put businesses in crisis very quickly. A global decrease in mine productivity has been observed.


On the other hand, it is tried to compete by applying different techniques in traditional and innovative acquisitions of metals from ore.


Although metal recovery can be achieved economically with traditional methods in terms of high-grade ores, high-grade ore reserves that have been depleted today have directed low-grade and fine-dispersed metal ores using pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy routes.In bacterial leaching processes, using the thermophilic bacteria that develop at higher temperatures, the leaching speeds of the metals are increased from sulphide ore.


As technological innovation and transformation started in the mining sector, as in all other sectors, the re-evaluation of the management and working methods of the enterprises has gained importance.


In addition, intelligent statistical algorithms are used in optimization and planning with data integration models.


As QanaQ, mining and metal industry exploration, drilling services, structural analysis, business investment and feasibility studies, mining plan revision, creating optimal mining strategy, stock quotation reports, geotechnical characterization, measurement, equipment determination, import-export, legal examination of property right, facility workforce optimization, engineering and infrastructure designs, excavation, embankment, job security methodology, license-license-permit procedures, domestic-foreign investment-business partnership process consultancy, business modernization, capital resource financing, assessment of search areas, risk assessment for step blocks While planning value management and project management services, we plan with the purpose of knowing that every mine is precious ore and preventing losses and we form a project group with local and foreign experts.


In addition, with our collaborations in the metal industry, by increasing the capacity of the processing facilities and system renewal, increasing the company's operational efficiency, planning local and foreign trade capacity increase, public offering, financial planning, buying-selling and other transfer transactions, royalty control, leasing, and credit consultancy services. We aim to determine the needs of our customers at the appropriate scale and increase their efficiency with different strategies.

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