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Gazetesinde Stok Grafikler


Finance is power for business, it is the present and future of the business.

It is the responsibility of the project consultancy companies as well as the responsibility of managers for the correct and effective use of financial resources used by businesses outside their capital against production, sales revenues and market risks.

Today, we know that the application of different methods and partnership models has become widespread, as well as the way of obtaining resources from global financial institutions. Failure to use the right financial resources at the right time or spending the financial resources in wrong ways will shorten the life of the enterprises.


On the other hand, we often witness that the feasibility reports prepared by some companies that provide financial consultancy services with a diverse and conditional approach according to traditional methods cause unavoidable harmful results rather than benefit.

In special cases, we know that a correct partnership whose conditions and risks have been calculated in advance, rather than credit or fund support, will bring much more profit.

It is one of the goals of our service to ensure that the actors in the increasingly diverse financial markets serve investors and business executives as project partners, and to manage the process.


While providing consultancy services on banking transactions, fund management, precious document management, stock market, capital valuation reporting, financial analysis, resource analysis and management, budget projects, collateral financing projects, income flow finance modeling, risk reports, current balance analysis, portfolio management, international transfer transactions,  liquidity integration, investment partnerships and partnership relations management our priority is the trust and security of our clients.

In the projecting service we offer to foreign investors for banking and finance investments, we analyze the predictable market risks in terms of investment and evaluate the interaction process with international markets separately.

We prefer to come together frequently in every stage of the projects we prepare for investors in financial investments to understand the investor's expectations correctly and to enlighten and guide the investor in such a way that she can make the right decision.

Many investors find reports that they can be enlightened without drowning in financial terms, individually useful in the decision-making process.

As QanaQ, we are able to serve investors, managers and business partners with different approach styles by separating the financial analysis reports institutionally and individually, being aware of the importance of individual lighting. Financial review of the partnership accounts has a special place for us.


Although the accounts of companies, joint ventures and investment partnerships are subject to review and evaluation at certain periods due to official obligations, it is justified and necessary to respond to the wish of the partners and partner companies to make a special financial assessment at their own time in terms of transparent management and sustainability of corporate quality.

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