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Laboratuar Deney


The QanaQ family is involved as a consultant at all stages of service with its expert partners in healthcare services.

It requires economic and systematic professional consultancy and it is undoubted that health services, which have high ethical aspects, are a serious area for investors, financial providers, company managers, practitioners and suppliers in the increasing population.

In the market, where high performance medical systems are growing and supported with different strategies on competition, high quality protection of human health superior value has taken its place as the first requirement.

Physicality, spa & wellness, alternative treatment methods centers professionalism of management in the quality of business management is at the forefront.

Health tourism, hospitals, spa & wellness centers, medical products, brand & patent, license, permit, certificate, company establishment, partnership relations, management, financial valuation, retail and wholesale marketing, distributorship, investment partnership contracts, project and project development consultancy on international compliance and local system in management and finance we stand by business people with and provide consultancy services.


When we say why there is a need for consultancy service in the health sector, we can answer by saying that we do not know that it is not possible to immediately recover the operating loss if the import and export, production, license, finance, sales, partnership structure arrangements are not analyzed correctly.

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