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Although the status, organizational structure, mission, location, tools, language, authority, and other interactors of the supply-demand balance that started with the existence of humanity in history have changed, it is seen that the state-level structures of societies first have been specializing their import and export transactions and then they have been similarized by globalizing with technology.


The capacity of goods and services to be traded in international trade varies from year to year on a global scale, and the growth competition between countries stands out as the trade volume capacity.For example, the import and export volume of information and communication technology products and the import and export volume data and growth rates of products in the clothing sector are not the same on a country basis.


As qanaq, we provide import export consultancy services with our professional partner in more than one country around the world.


In this context:


  • We provide services in the fields of organization, management, inspection, product control, service power, intermediate supply, technology, logistics, sales, transportation, insurance, banking, legal consultancy that you need in your foreign trade.

  • We prepare comprehensive analysis reports on the markets in which the products you produce have sales advantages in the world.

  • We prepare preliminary analysis and also valuation reports on the financial valuation of your current foreign trade projects.

  •  We report the advantage and disadvantage analysis of the market you prefer in product positioning based on the legal obstacles and the real expectations of the end consumer and the results obtained from the comparison of competing product quality and pricing.

  • We prepare short and medium term growth plans by determining your target strategy for the growth of your trade volume and profitability rate in the current market.

  • We reveal the most appropriate financial support models for your company if you need it by making your growth plans real and evaluating them with your capacity and own resources.

  • In the market and country you are exporting for the first time or you have just been considered, legally conducting detailed and comprehensive research and investigation about the legal sources of foreign trade regime, banking-insurance-tax system, logistics network, buyer-distributor-broker-agency reliability, partnership relations. We prepare confirmed information reports.

  • We bring you together with reliable companies that you can sign a target or a buyer-distributor-agency-partner agreement in the current market.

  • We provide consultancy services to obtain the license, permit and technical-legal qualification documents required from the relevant institutions for the service and product you want to trade.

  • We provide consultancy services in the marketing and advertising plans of your product in the target market.

  • We provide professional and international consultancy services for your affiliated rights through trademark & ​​patent registration procedures for your product.

  • We provide consultancy services on the problems you may experience in the international areas in customs clearance and transportation.

  • We provide consultancy services in the form of detailed reports on your rights and prohibitions before foreign trade taxation policies and international agreements.

In general, we can say that the QanaQ family is your third eye and supporter who has provided you with confidence and profitability in the field of foreign trade in various sectors all over the world with its experience and accumulation for years.

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