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Procurement Preparation

We offer tailored solutions and expert guidance to help businesses navigate the complex procurement process, prepare effective bids and proposals, and improve their chances of success in securing government contracts and other procurement opportunities.

Our service involves preparing and presenting the documents and forms in the tender specifications in compliance with the tender legislation of the country where the bidder intends to submit their bid. Given that many bidders encounter difficulties in preparing the tender file and are disqualified due to errors, it is without question that seeking professional consultancy services is necessary for the preparation of the bid file.

It is important to provide consultancy to the customer, especially in the preparation of the letter of guarantee during the tender preparation phase. It is important for bidders who have difficulty providing a letter of guarantee due to banking regulations in developing or underdeveloped countries to prepare the letter of guarantee on time.

- Bid bond/tender bond is a guarantee issued on behalf of the applicant that typically supports the applicant's bid on a project for a government entity or public/private partnership. The bid often requires a specific form of guarantee for a bid to be accepted and so amendments may be very difficult to negotiate.

- Advance payment guarantee/bond is a guarantee issued on behalf of the applicant to cover the receipt of an advance payment for a commercial or trade-related contract and can be claimed if the applicant does not meet its obligations under the terms of the contract.

- Performance guarantee/bond is a guarantee which guarantees a performance-based obligation to deliver some equipment or services on an agreed date. That is, an obligation that is wholly non-financial in nature (or in which the primary obligation is non-financial in nature). An example would be where the client of a bank has contracted with another party to perform a service and asks its bank to provide a guarantee which can be called by the other party upon failure of performance.

- Retention guarantee/bond is a guarantee which is closely linked to performance-based obligations on equipment or services during the warranty period. That is, an obligation that is wholly non-financial in nature (or in which the primary obligation is non-financial in nature).

- Financial guarantee/bond is an undertaking issued on behalf of the applicant that supports a financial obligation of the applicant where no goods or services are exchanged.

- Lease or rent guarantee/bond is an undertaking issued to secure the obligations of a renter or lessee under a lease of property.

Which foreign country tenders are you planning to participate in? If you face any difficulties while preparing your bid documents, you can seek our consultancy services.

Bidders often face difficulties submitting their bids due to problems with scanning the documents attached to the tender notice along with the tender specifications. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the issues related to uploading and scanning the documents that are included as an attachment to the tender specifications announced in international tenders by the tendering authority in a way that ensures equal rights to all bidders. Otherwise, the competitive environment among bidders will be unequal.


QANAQ provides professional services, along with its foreign country partners, to help your company access the tender specifications and attachments it needs and prepare your bid file accurately based on the correct documents.

For engineering and construction tenders, clients incur expenses such as opening a company or branch office and hiring staff in a foreign country to access tender documents and prepare bids accurately. While we recommend this for firms undertaking tenders in foreign countries and wanting to conduct business, we believe that this process should be carried out after the company has adapted to the foreign country. It is important to note that many foreign companies have established and failed in this way.

If you wish to obtain consultancy services about accessing the tender documents you intend to participate in a foreign country and determining whether the terms contained in the document are suitable for your company, please do not hesitate to contact our company.

One of the most common problems encountered when submitting a bid in a foreign country is obtaining the letter of guarantee. Especially in tenders conducted in African countries, we have observed that bidders cannot adapt to the banking system, there are no bilateral banking agreements between countries, and there are differences in local regulations, resulting in bidders either unable to obtain the letter of guarantee on time or submitting a bid file with a faulty letter of guarantee.

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