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Subcontractor Management

We provide comprehensive support and guidance to businesses seeking to effectively manage and optimize their subcontracting activities, from identifying and selecting subcontractors, to negotiating contracts, overseeing performance, and mitigating risks.

Once a foreign tender is won and the site delivery procedures are completed by signing a contract with the administration, subcontractor agreements play a significant role in the successful execution and completion of the project. Large companies with high turnover typically tend to work with the same subcontractors in their international tender organizations. This means that when a good relationship between subcontractors and main contractors is established, and the process is completed successfully, it opens the way for a long-term business relationship for both parties.

It is essential for local firms that want to provide subcontracting services to foreign companies to be honest, hardworking, and time-oriented in completing the work they undertake after introducing themselves and signing the subcontract. It is known that the subcontracting agreements contain the same, or even more, responsibilities that the main contractor undertakes towards the administration. One of the most significant reasons for this is to provide extra time for the main contractor to compensate in case of an error or delay by the subcontractor.

Do you have a search for subcontractors in a foreign country?

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