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Logistics & Transportation

Welcome to our logistics and transportation services, where we offer reliable and efficient solutions to optimize your supply chain, streamline your operations, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

Road, sea and air transportation investments are among the popular investment areas in developing countries.

QANAQ provides services to domestic and foreign companies that want to operate in the transportation and logistics sector in the following areas.

1- Company Establishment in offshore
2- Free Zone / Port / Terminal permits and applications
3- Contract Preparation & MoU 
4- Required licenses and certificates
5- Advice on customs issues
6- Legal determination of loss and damage
7- Disputes against insurance company / carrier / port authority
8- Employee contracts
9- Tax liabilities and penalties
10- Accidents and criminal investigations
11- IPO process (Initial Public Offer)
12- Claims

For companies exporting materials abroad, sending materials to a new country where they have never exported can be challenging.

In addition, the damage and loss that occurs during the transportation process poses serious problems for both the sender and the receiver, and also causes a stressful dispute process in terms of the obligations of the carrier and the insurance company.

QANAQ provides solutions to the problems you encounter in international transportation and logistics operations.

Receiving continuous consultancy services in order to carry out your logistics operations in a foreign country and to solve the problems, minimizes the annual losses and risks of the clients.

The growth of the reefer sector reduces the waste of food during transportation.

In the global market, where the demand for bulk containers is expected to decline until 2025, the demand for fresh vegetables and fruits out of season makes it necessary to foresee the problems encountered in transportation.

In addition, increasing the use of smart containers enables customers to control their products at every stage of transportation.

The rapid expansion of investments by multimodal transportation companies and the increase of their cooperation in new locations minimizes operational difficulties, especially in maritime transportation and evacuation operations.








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International agreements and bilateral treaties are important for companies applying for a license to provide transportation and logistics services abroad. It is crucial to have a good understanding of key factors, including your company's capacity and customer location, when seeking to offer transportation or logistics services in a foreign country.

With our team of experienced consultants and legal partners specializing in the field, we provide comprehensive management of transportation and logistics license applications in various countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australia. If you are in need of services related to your transportation or logistics license applications, such as application submissions, deadline extensions, or cancellation procedures, we are here to assist you. 

Contact us, to meet with our expert team.


Transportation is one of the sectors that carries inherent risks of financial loss. In international transportation, accidents caused by driver errors or third parties are not uncommon. In such cases, immediate support and prompt collection of evidence can prevent the increase of economic and legal liabilities for the transportation company. It is essential to work with a specialized team knowledgeable in transportation and insurance law in the country where the damage occurs. Otherwise, the damage could escalate, resulting in the seizure of the transport vehicle.



The Ministers reached a mutual agreement on the importance of concluding the proposed Agreement on Coastal Shipping and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to facilitate Feeder Services between the ports of Colombo and Chattogram. They have decided to establish a Working Group consisting of legal experts to address any legal issues pertaining to pending bilateral instruments. Additionally, another working group will be formed to discuss operational matters. The second session of the Joint Working Group and Joint Secretary-level talks will take place in Sri Lanka within the year.

12th of May 2023


During the RSIS-WTO Workshop for Parliamentarians in Singapore, Deputy Director-General Angela Ellard urged parliamentarians from various countries to expeditiously ratify the Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies to ensure the realization of its benefits for the ocean and the communities reliant on it. She emphasized the need for parliamentarians to convey to their governments' negotiators the importance of swiftly concluding the second round of fish negotiations.

15th of May 2023

To which party does the damage caused during transportation belong?

Is it legal for the port authority to collect its receivables from the ship owner?

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