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The expectations of the landowner in and out of the city vary. When parceling studies are required to make the land suitable for the planned investment, the fate of the study is left to the company that performs the application, it is not checked whether it is made wrong and whether it causes another problem in the future.


However, if the measurements on paper are desired to be applied on the land, the owners face new information and problems not mentioned before.


As QanaQ, we are preparing feasibility studies reports with our land experts who are experts in their fields and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in terms of ownership of zoning parceling works of land and infrastructure, superstructure construction and other investment problems that may be encountered in the future.


With this service we offer to different sectors of investment;

- Power plant investments established in violation of legal regulations,

- Losses of rights experienced in the zoning-parceling process,

- Losses experienced in the process of throwing without expropriation,

- Underground and above ground ownership restrictions that prevent investment in the land,

- Directing agricultural land to wrong investment,

- Preventing construction projects completed without natural disaster risk analysis,

- Construction projects are abandoned,

- We aim to prevent unforeseen damages due to damage caused by other structures in the surrounding.


With our service we provide to land, agriculture, construction and other cooperatives, domestic and foreign investors, construction companies and real estate owners, we provide both awareness and orientation towards the right investment.

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