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Dijital sosyal medya


As QanaQ, we prepare an analysis report on the social status and current reflexes of the countries they plan to invest or trade in line with our customers' needs.

In these reports, we can include all social areas in line with the demand of our customers, and we also provide services to develop collaborations with social organizations.


In the continuity of trade and the creation of new opportunities, you can set a commercial policy at the same speed as the market, or you can be mentioned as one of the firsts in the industry.


We see that global brands try to position customer loyalty in the target market on the one hand by developing social responsibility projects, and on the other hand, they have the opportunity to analyze the return and forecasts of innovation and changes along with their social relations.


In addition, it is common for companies to get consultancy from analysis companies while determining the sales and marketing strategy of their products. While determining the production and marketing strategy, the need to follow social trend changes closely should not be ignored.

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