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Raflarda Paketler


The packaging processes are brought to the fore by professional manufacturers to store and protect the products as well as their marketing.

Planning each product in accordance with the characteristics and intended use of the packaging process needed to deliver it to the final consumer prevents extra costs or loss of product.

One of the services we provide as QanaQ is the marketing and advertisement aspects of the design, the protection of the material and packaging system used in terms of product protection and cost calculation.

Another service is to provide technology, raw materials, market research, finance, dealership, import & export, capacity increase, facility management consultancy to the business facilities that produce, import or export packaging products.


We provide consultancy services in the packaging process and operation of your products in advanced level sensitive products, electrical consumer appliances, medicine, technology spare parts products, glass, metal, mining, plant machinery, cosmetics, food, furniture and many other types of products.

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