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Cedar Fair aims to begin construction of a $ 28 million e-Sports arena by the end of the year

The company said Thursday it wants to build a 1,500-seat e-Sports Arena in Ohio for gaming tournaments near Cedar Point.

Sandusky, Ohio (AP) - amusement park Cedar Fair Entertainment plans to add e-sports to its line of roller coasters and water parks.

The Ohio-based amusement park chain hopes to begin construction on the $ 28 million arena by the end of the year. The company believes it will be a draw for players in the Midwest.

Plans call for the arena to have 200 playing Stations year-round and host tournaments from the first half of 2023. It could also be used for concerts and other events, the company said.

The building will have changing rooms, a dining area and dormitory rooms for esports participants.

The booming e-sports industry is particularly popular among teens and young adults, which is the company's target audience of 11 amusement parks and four decidedly water parks across the U.S.

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