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Fadil Novali and Elvedin Voloder met with authorities in Travnik

The talks focused on the construction of the Lašva - Nević Polje highway, which, as Voloder said, is expected to begin in the spring of next year.

At the meeting, it was decided that the main project of the highway would be carried out in the municipality of Travnik, that is, in the section from Nević Polje to Turbet. Assessing the need for a fast road for the congested Lašva Valley, Prime Minister Novali said it was unacceptable that it was not built, despite the money being secured.

As for the passage of the highway through Travnik, it was decided to go to the development of the main project. Section Lašva-Nević has some problems with the expropriation of polje, as well as the location and shape of the road. We have demands, that there is a fast road from Lašva to Jajce and that there are no roads of some regional type. For almost the fifth year, we have allocated 107 million KM for this road, and the development of this main project opens up the possibility that if it is not built there, it will allow it to be built elsewhere, Novali said .

Voloder told reporters that the construction of the highway from Lašva to Jajce was a pre-war story that had slowed in recent years due to problems with land expropriation and bidding procedures. 'The problem was obviously nationalization and tendering and of course there are policies everywhere and we will try to make them less effective and help us. Here, now I promise to see you at the construction site in the spring. Project documentation has been prepared from Lašva to Nević

Polje and we continue our activities. We have prepared money for two departments that have moved from the Vitez business district and from the business district to Nević Polje. The first section was skipped because there are many buildings and bridges. It's expensive, but it will also be his turn - Voloder said.

Travnik Mayor Kenan Dautovi noted that at today's meeting, the demand was made for the section of the highway through Travnik municipality to be a priority. The meeting also discussed the continuation of the construction of a high school Center in Travnik, which was announced for the beginning of next year. In the construction of this school, the Federation of BiH government has invested six million KM in recent years, and another eight million is needed, as it is said. It was noted that the money would be provided mostly by the Federal government, but also by the canton of Central Bosnia and the municipality of Travnik.


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