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Hakimin Masası


It is clear that no matter how global trade becomes global, businesses cannot produce, distribute and sell completely independently of public obligations and rules. Therefore, international standardization organizations and governments, from banking transactions to taxation policies at the stage of production, to licensing and permitting procedures, to investment incentives and supports. Considering that they create legislation, people who are interested in trade should decide and act in accordance with these rules in all their business and transactions.

QanaQ offers its experience and experience to its customers at every point in contact with the public sector in the global trade network.

It is not possible to explain the relations with the public sector in a few sentences, as the people involved are aware of.

To examine whether the local legislation existing in the establishment phase of the enterprises has the model suitable for the interests and partnership relationship expected in the continuation of the business, to ensure the continuity of the production licenses and the usage standards of the licenses, to evaluate the investment risks with the political conjunctor before and after the tender, to evaluate the investment risks more than once while establishing the logistics infrastructure. Issues such as conducting the process by contacting multiple public institutions from the country are just some of our services.

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