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The real estate area means not only an ordinary consultancy service for QanaQ, but also creating a new living space and efficiency in terms of both business operation and usage with multiple different parameters.


Nowadays we witness that real estate function important in terms of real and financial markets through investment trusts.


The real estate investment partnership model, which was established in 1961 in response to the rule structure that restricts real estate purchases of joint stock companies in the USA, has become widespread in today's business life by being adopted as an investment model by companies, individual investors and public institutions. The amount of shares traded on the stock exchange of real estate investment trusts is at a considerable level.

However, real estate area focuses on different interaction parameters from other areas.


In terms of the activities of the Real Estate Investment Trusts, researches are frequently conducted using different regression models and correlations on the risk indicators and performance evaluation in their relations with other sectors. In these studies, we are able to say that there are local market interaction differences between countries, as well as the results of research analysis that have been approved over time and generally accepted.


In Real Estate Investment Trusts, we see that as the portfolio volume increases, the return increases, and if the professional independent management system model is adopted rather than the family management system, the management performance is positive.

Mülkiyet Listeleri

Macro economic components such as inflation rate of change, unemployment rate, default and periodic premium rate, growth in industrial production, public funds, gross domestic product (GYSH), real estate protections also affect liquidity in the investment area.


The impact and change powers of Real Estate Investment Trusts, especially in the newly established market, are clearly visible in the analysis results reflected in the tables.

Real Estate Investment Trusts create new investment alternatives for investors who are willing and willing to take risks. For investors, the predictability of stock returns and their relationship with other asset returns should be examined, and then individual real estate investment modeling should be created for each investor that matches the partnership.


Real estate investment trusts can invest in all kinds of real estate and real estate projects, capital market instruments based on real estate. They can establish other partnerships in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they are established. Good planning of these partnerships is also important for management responsibility.

Beyaz Modern House

Land and land evaluations in real estate area should not be passed without stating that they have different parameters and investment costs.


Within the tourism facilities, construction works are required in many different areas, from high-quality hotels and other accommodation venues to shopping centers that host millions of visitors, from high-quality multi-storey commercial centers to restorations that leave a mark on art and history, from public service buildings to residential projects, from agricultural lands to zoned lands. It will be a privilege to carry the QanaQ signature while projecting in financial and organizational terms.

In addition, the most appropriate and efficient operating project is prepared by making the feasibility reports required for your real estate projects that you intend to buy or rent for investment purposes, strategy planning according to the type of investment.


The feasibility and project design reports we have prepared in different methods and procedures in terms of real estates that are intended to be used as company capital have valid qualifications by international financial institutions.


In addition, we offer report and consultancy services with the participation of professionals we work with in the real estate sector during the management of the relations between partners in the mergers and separations in line with the company assets.

Devremülk Satış

So to be more specific, why should you get real estate consultancy from QanaQ?

Because QanaQ will not report a real estate investment to you even further to pay for the consultancy fee.

QanaQ does not provide usual real estate consultancy but real estate investment consultancy.


 In fact, unlike the real estate consultant, while examining your real estate investment demand, it will make a presentation by comparing with other projects at similar costs in the world.


If you have a real estate appraisal report from other organizations, it will develop different strategies so that you can find the solution you need while checking the reality of the appraisal.

While presenting a comparative analysis report between your multiple real estate projects and your request, it will be against you if necessary, in matters it clearly believes.


If you want to get real estate consultancy service with a different perspective, we are ready as QanaQ. So you?

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