We observe that sports has created a high volume commercial sector in the global market on the impact of individual health.

In team sports, we can also observe that the budget of the leagues is increasing day by day and the investment and infrastructure expenditures of the clubs are expanding every day in the process of professionalization in financial and managerial dimensions.

Accommodation, education, material supply, labor, insurance, transportation, communication, food, facility and immovable usage costs, health and management expenditures are the most important items in the annual budget planning of clubs and federations.

On the other hand, income items of clubs and federations are also diverse.

As QanaQ, we provide consultancy services to local and foreign sports organizations, federations, clubs, business facilities, management, partnership, finance, business, procurement, legislation, brand, advertising, media, collaborations, international organizations, insurance collaborations, facility usage and other issues.

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