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Thousands of researches and articles have been written to increase the place of technology transfers in the global system.

It is a pleasure to watch the size and rapid rise of the digital action style in the stages of R&D, production and consumption.

Providing consultancy services in the technology sector, which constantly changes itself even within the same day, whose innovation is admirable and fast compared to other sectors, providing a high level of experience, continuous research and market follow-up, innovative thinking, a logical plan for transferring ideas from the virtual environment to material environment, requires the ability to take precautions.

On the other hand providing accurate and high quality process management at the production and marketing stages as well as the importance of the idea dimension of technology systems is vital for investors and other collaborations.

As QanaQ, while consulting investment in your information, software, media, telecommunication projects and ideas, by protecting your idea, planning to grow, to plan its sustainability, to combine appropriate financial resources with a proper marketing strategy, to evaluate the dealership or distributorship contracts in accordance with the interests of our customers in a reliable and foreign market. We aim to ensure professional collaborations and provide our customers with quality and reliable service from the very beginning of the process.

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