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Tourism is more than a desire for vacation, entertainment and new places for QanaQ.


Perhaps the first step in the formation of the investment idea of ​​foreign investors is a dynamic medium where new opportunities are presented to the outside world for the development of existing investments.


Tourism is history, culture, health, transportation, food, accommodation, security, human rights, education, congress, trade.


Tourism is life, a different window where different cultures come together for various purposes.


We see that tourism activities carried out in close relations with insurance companies in the global market have different risks for business managers and investors.


As QanaQ, we offer consultancy services at international standards to investors and businesses that are highly respected and capable in all areas of tourism, with our partners we work with on a global scale.


Our local and international partners, who are experts in their fields, join the project team in our consultancy services regarding government supports and public relations in tourism investments.


Our aim is to support the development of the global market in more than one area of ​​the tourism sector by providing professional consultancy services in the creation and management of commercial business relationships formed by the right business people coming together under the right business conditions.


Being aware of the fact that finance is not enough for the sustainability of hotel investments, we are with you at every stage of your tourism investments with the principle that the right investor should be directed to the right investment.

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