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Boru Sabitleme


The risks that may arise in the management of the entire process while providing technical consultancy services in the fields of project design, cost calculation, material supply, operation, creation of investment projects, financial resource generation, tender process, creation of business partnership and management for the transfer of energy obtained from renewable and fossil sources. We aim to take precautions at the right time.

With our local and international partners, we support our customers in the development, construction and operation of energy transmission lines projects in many countries of the world, in partnership, finance, construction and management stages, with regard to legislation differences, supply and construction process variables, and public principles.

With multiple customers with international qualifications, we ensure that each of them is positioned in terms of workforce and financial capacity in the cash line project suitable for their field of activity, and that the financial preparation is effective by showing the risks in the foreign location during the construction & supply process.

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