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With the awareness of the financial value of the transportation service in the global market, with the distinction of passengers and goods in airline, maritime, rail and road transportation, purchasing, leasing, transferring, pledge, licensing, operating permits, registration, insurance preferences & agreements of international vehicles, we provide a high level of service with our consultants and partners who are experts in their fields in logistics integration, network optimization, performance improvement, supply chain management, information technology adaptation, distributorship relations, partnership processes.

QanaQ produces permanent results and solutions by addressing the strategic, financial and operational challenges of its customers with its expert consultant staff in the field of passenger transportation.


For QanaQ, which provides special transportation consultancy in the transfer of precious values ​​between countries, it is important to minimize transportation risks as well as determining the needs of its customers correctly and on time.


QanaQ develops strategy knowing that being in the right place at the right time is as important as being in the planned place at the scheduled time.

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