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Calves & Cow in Pasture


The consumption of red and white meat in the world has led us to research animal husbandry feeding models that always give healthier and delicious meat.

However, while providing consultancy services to livestock facilities, it is our main difference to make evaluations with the best institute and university lecturers in more than one subject, from animal health and survival until the right time, prevention of wrong practices, establishment of the facility to supply chain and establishment of retail chain.

In countries and regions where good livestock practices are not established, we know that animals are destroyed due to wrong practices during pregnancy, birth, disease, and production stages.

On the other hand, we are also aware that there are still regions in the world where more than 70% of animal products are destroyed without proper use.

Investigation of financial resources required for the establishment of livestock facilities, public, bank and fund aids, construction of the facility, operation, determination of machinery, monitoring of animals, vaccination, proper and economic feed practices, ensuring the continuity by testing the quality of the product, packaging, retail and wholesale procedures, we serve business owners to domestic and foreign investors on international certification and licensing for years.

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