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Design & Engineering

We support design&engineering demands with our design&engineering partners in many countries.

Are you looking for a design and engineering project in abroad?

What we offer to our clients ?




Road & Highway


Waste water


Substation & Electric works

Port & Marine

Energy Plant 

Water pipeline

Oil & Gas Transmission

Mining Plant


and other construction fields as industrial, chemical, overhead lines, irrigation, duck, terminal.

Commercial Buildings & Apartments

Project Identification

Identifying potential projects and assessing their feasibility.

Reconnaissance Studies

Conducting preliminary studies and assessments to gather information about the project site and its surroundings.

Master Plan/Pre-Feasibility

Developing a comprehensive plan or conducting a pre-feasibility study to assess the project's viability and determine its potential outcomes.

Technical and Economic Feasibility

Evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of the project by analyzing factors such as costs, benefits, resources, and potential risks.

Hydrological Studies

Conducting studies to analyze and assess the water resources, including rainfall patterns, river flow, water availability, and hydrological dynamics related to the project.

Geological and Hydrogeological Studies

Conducting studies to understand the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the project site, including soil composition, groundwater availability, and potential geological hazards.

Geotechnical Studies

Conducting studies to evaluate the soil properties, stability, and geotechnical conditions of the project site to determine the appropriate foundation design and construction methods.

The most important obstacle for design and engineering firms to achieve competitive international projects in abroad is the foreign currency exchange difference between their operating country and willing country .

We observe that design and engineering companies operating in developing countries have difficulty being competitive, especially in foreign projects with USD and Euro financing, due to the difference in the pricing rate of work experience documents.

In order to prevent this negative situation, we support companies to establish a strong joint venture and ensure that they find a joint venture partner in accordance with the project conditions.

Engineering Designs

Technical Consulting

Master Plan & Feasibility


Environmental Planning

We provide services in both engineering firms and construction companies in the field of design and engineering. We conduct research for construction companies seeking engineering firms for their overseas projects and manage the contract relationships.

Similarly, for engineering firms looking for construction companies abroad, we establish relationships with construction companies and oversee the contract stages.

Are you looking for a JV partner? 

It is actually much easier for design and engineering companies to participate in international projects than construction companies.

In addition, by analyzing the financial and experience data of design and engineering companies, we follow the appropriate tenders on their behalf and ensure that they participate.

Which projects in which country are you interested in?

Another difficulty of design and engineering companies is the difference in methodology in the country they want to bid with the methodology they use in their local country.

While determining the targeted foreign country in design and engineering projects where special software is used, it is important to determine the countries where the project software programs and methodology that the willing company is used to use are used.

Another problem faced by design and engineering companies is the difference in legislation in a foreign country and the lack of adequate legal advice on contractual obligations.

Do you need a contract execution consultancy?

Would you like to get information about our customers that we work with and can be a reference for design and engineering projects?

QANAQ and partners offer a wide range of solutions and configurations to generate clean and renewable energy through the team's experience, continuously updated knowledge, and advanced techniques.


The Energy Department adds its skills and capabilities in the design, construction, and commissioning of photovoltaic renewable energy production facilities (ground-mounted, rooftops, solar canopies, etc.), wind turbines (location, access roads, construction sites, pipelines, wind turbine infrastructure, etc.), and hydraulic systems (hydroelectric waterfalls and infrastructure, etc.).

ENGINEERING Planning, site layouts, calculations, previous studies, planimetry, construction, electrical and mechanical design, and coordination of construction.

PROCUREMENT Management of contracts and agreements with suppliers, aiming to optimize quality, quantity, cost, time, and warranty conditions.

CONSTRUCTION Coordination of all stages: project, detailed engineering, final design, and construction management.

COMMISSIONING Initiation and management of installation to meet performance and profitability expectations.

Our partners cover water supply (wells, reservoirs, sources, water treatment plants, and water tanks), watercourse intake (intermediate tanks), sanitation (collectors), and the corresponding discharge along with water treatment.

Our expertise encompasses the design and construction management of water treatment plants, basins, wastewater treatment facilities, sanitation systems, drinking water supply and distribution networks, and desalination plants.

Engineering Designs (Coastal and Marine Structures):

Providing general design services for coastal and marine structures

Planning and designing infrastructure, architecture, and environmental aspects

Conducting geotechnical and foundation assessments

Developing structural designs for marine structures

Performing studies on coastal management and protection

Undertaking reinforcement projects for existing structures

Technical Consulting:

Facilitating technology transfer processes

Conducting independent audit work for projects

Providing expertise in structural control and rehabilitation of existing structures

Offering consultancy services for coastal management and protection

Designing sea water intake and discharge projects

Providing consultancy for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and zoning plans

Preparing EIA reports and obtaining approvals from relevant institutions

Developing zoning plans and obtaining approvals from relevant institutions

Feasibility Studies of Investment Projects:

Performing technical and economic feasibility assessments

Conducting financial analysis for investment projects

Evaluating and analyzing project risks

Conducting environmental assessments for projects

Construction Consultancy:

Providing follow-up and construction supervision services for projects

Preparing project supervision reports to monitor progress and quality of construction projects.

Field Studies:

Conducting geotechnical, geological, and hydrogeological surveys

Performing topographic, bathymetric, and underwater surveys

Conducting hydrologic and seismic surveys

Carrying out structural surveys and assessments

Mathematical and Physical Modeling:

Establishing laboratory environments for physical modeling and conducting experiments

Mathematical modeling of turbulence, pollution, and sedimentation in harbor basins

Reporting and analysis based on the modeling results

Tender Consultancy:

Conducting tender prequalification studies

Preparing tender specifications, drawings, Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and technical specifications

Drafting tender documents for project procurement processes

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