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QANAQ acts as your authorized representative in foreign countries and initiates, manages, and completes processes according to your needs and requirements.

The requests and directions received from the client are examined by our company, and an advisory report is prepared regarding which legal path can be taken to resolve the dispute.

It is crucial to note that not all disputes require litigation for resolution. When preparing a recommendation report on whether to pursue legal action, it is important to thoroughly understand the client's expectations. If it is predicted that the intended benefit of the client cannot be achieved through litigation, the client should be prevented from wasting their time and resources on incorrect legal actions.

We prepare a comprehensive report on the amicable resolution methods that should be pursued before the legal litigation process, and present it to the client. We ensure that the client is represented during these processes. The success of the process, whether we are working with the client or on behalf of the client, also depends on our collaboration with the client. It is essential to determine and maintain the confidentiality of the limits that the client should agree to during the bargaining stage. Therefore, QANAQ starts working with the local firms it collaborates with by signing confidentiality agreements.

Do you have any ongoing legal cases against your company?

We manage the application processes stipulated in the European Union and other national and international legislation on behalf of construction companies in public tender processes.

Lengthy legal proceedings are a common concern for clients in many countries. Properly implementing alternative dispute resolution processes is beneficial for our clients. However, it is also necessary to take urgent measures quickly, such as timely enforcement proceedings, other legal measures, and proper evidence gathering in accordance with the law.

In import and export transactions, we often see disputes arise between port authorities or carriers, agents, and shippers. However, customs consultants who are not familiar with foreign customs regulations can mislead clients and cause them to suffer losses. We know that there are many abandoned goods in ports that are eventually liquidated due to such wrong guidance.

It is known that companies encounter various issues in addition to collection during their export operations overseas. Manufacturers who benefit from tax advantages provided by the government during export transactions may face tax penalties due to the importer's failure to send the necessary documents on time.

When a manufacturer is unable to deliver its goods as planned, they may face collection problems while also being required to fight tax authorities in their own country due to their inability to complete export transactions and make loan payments to the bank.

Companies that constantly work with public institutions may also face the risk of being banned from operating in the relevant country. It is crucial to professionally monitor every stage of trade conducted in foreign countries, resolve disputes in a timely manner, and not miss the application deadlines for legal processes.

Do you need legal application consultancy regarding your company's tax or customs penalties?

Many foreign companies are unable to conduct business in a country again due to significant tax penalties. However, with the guidance of a timely and expert consultant, they could have concluded the process with much less harm and continued their commercial activities. Unfortunately, we observe that foreign companies that avoid seeking professional consultancy frequently become involved in tax disputes in their foreign operations and may accept incorrect tax penalties due to fear of punishment.

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