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Laws & Regulations

Step into the world of laws and regulations, where we help individuals and organizations stay informed and compliant with the ever-evolving legal landscape.

One of the challenges faced by companies doing business in foreign countries is adapting to the legal rules and changes in those rules over time in their business procedures.

In order to gain a proper understanding of diverse legal systems, it is crucial to leverage the commercial expertise and the ability to interpret regulations of the local partner operating in that country.

QANAQ collaborates with law firms that provide legal advisory services on foreign law and legal developments to public institutions, banks, companies, and individuals in dozens of countries.

Would you like to be informed about legal developments in the country where you invest?

Foreign companies striving for maximum success in their long-term objectives are conscious of the need to continuously monitor legal changes in foreign countries and ensure timely compliance with such changes.

Before making an investment decision, it is crucial for foreign investors to conduct a detailed investigation of the legal regulations. This risk also applies to import companies that aim to produce in a factory located in a foreign country. Unfortunately, it has been observed that companies seeking professional services are often misled during the contract and company establishment stages, resulting in difficult legal processes in foreign countries. These processes not only prevent money collection but also put the investor or importer in a difficult situation in terms of taxation.

While some organizations still argue in favor of implementing standard contracts, it is crucial to customize even those contracts based on the specifics of each commercial relationship. Relying solely on standardized contracts often leads to numerous disputes, which may require parties to give up their rights while using dispute resolution methods. To minimize any adverse impact on trade, we strongly advise making customized revisions to contracts for each case and party involved.

Are you using standard contracts in your trade with foreign countries?

Long-term monitoring of legal regulations is crucial for investments made through the public-private partnership method, as well as mining and energy investments. It is essential to expand the observation to cover not only the specific area of activity but also other relevant areas related to the activity, ensuring that the client is informed and timely measures are taken.

QANAQ offers legal consultancy services to assist with your foreign investments, import-export transactions, public tender processes, customs operations, debt collection needs, tax and other incentive requests, public grants, intellectual property rights, licensing rights, property rights, and other related matters. We work with experienced local legal firm managers to provide you with the most suitable consultancy service for your company, while also ensuring coordination with your company's legal department in monitoring legislative changes and identifying potential risks in advance.

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