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Our teams closely collaborate with major oil and gas corporations to assist them with executing diverse projects, including those related to corporate strategy, financial modeling, and more. We are committed to supporting these companies in achieving their objectives.

Oil is a commodity with a high material value.

The price of many products in the world is instantly affected by price fluctuations in the oil exchange.

For investors who want to invest in oil exchanges, it is important to correctly analyze the change charts of stock market indices.

There are important issues that investors investing in international oil exchanges and trading companies should pay attention to.

As is known, the most effectively used exchanges for oil derivatives are NYMEX, ICE and DME.
3 main contracts are used for trading derivative instruments traded on oil exchanges.

The first of these is; Future Contract
Second is; Option Contract
The third is; Swap Contract

In the contract preparation phase the parties shall add into clearly several conditions such as the expiration date, delivery period, volume, underlying instrument, quality feature, delivery region, termination procedure of the contract.

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The services that are usually required by our clients in the Oil & Gas industry are as follows:


- Introduction of the company's services or products to the refinery

- Preparation of the application to become a supplier and management of the contract process if accepted

- Consultancy for the execution of the collection procedure of the receivables arising from the employer company in accordance with the contract

- Control of customs procedures in the process of supplying services and products, consulting on resolving disputes arising at customs


- Money transfers between countries

- Preparation, signing of Import-Export transactions and letter of credit agreements and control of the process

-Obtaining the documents required in the process of refund of import duties from a foreign country and Juling the tax refund process

- Contract Management

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There is more than one thing to consider when drawing up a contract for the purchase and sale of oil and its derivatives traded on international exchanges. 

Especially the preference of general conditional contracts used in foreign trade transactions unfortunately leads the buyer and seller into a dispute.

It is very important for us to carefully study the legislation and import conditions of the country where the product will be imported, as well as the legislation and conditions of the country where the product will be exported, and to plan each item of the contract according to that work.

We often see that standard contracts lead the parties to a dispute at least once in commercial relations with more than one purchase-sale transaction. 

It should be noted that even the terms used in contracts should be used with the technical meanings used on the international stock exchange. 

Sometimes we see and are surprised that the parties to the contract unwittingly do not collect millions of dollars from the other side.

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Aframax tankers are used for loading and unloading activities to and from ports that do not have large enough ports and channels to accommodate VLCC and ULCC class tankers, which are widely used, especially in countries that are not OPEC members and have low crude oil production.

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