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Buyer & Seller Relations

Buyer and seller relations consultancy is a service that provides businesses with strategies and best practices to effectively manage their interactions with customers and suppliers, resulting in increased satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

We divide our services in buyer and seller relationships into short and long-term. In short-term purchase and sale contracts, we deliver the requested information accurately and timely to both the buyer or seller and inform them about the issues that need attention before the contract.

Our services, which we define in 4 different stages as pre-contract, contract, post-contract, and dispute stages, include the following topics:

-Researching the commercial history of the buyer-seller,

-Verification of financial status and control of financial reports,

-Verifying the address, representatives, and partnership structure of the buyer or seller,

- Ensuring that the product specifications are accurately reflected in the contract,

- Price research,

- Consultancy during the contract negotiation process,

-Checking licenses and certificates,

-Monitoring the production process,

- Monitoring payment processes and collections,

- Loading and unloading control,

- Advising on letters of credit,

- Mediation consultancy for dispute resolution.

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Please send us your request to learn about the countries where we offer our services.

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