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Distributor & Agency Research

Distributor and agency research involves the systematic gathering and analysis of information to identify potential partners for businesses seeking to expand their reach in new markets.

Distributors and agents are often mistaken for one another, but there are notable differences in their legal responsibilities and mutual rights within commercial relationships.

When conducting research for distributors or agents in foreign countries, companies should take into account various factors. These factors include the company's commercial history, its business relationships with competitors, its level of professionalism, its future plans, its payment habits, its employer-employee relationships, its competition status, its customer relationships, its financial strength, and its ability to represent the company.



Its critical to decide on the right distributor for our clients.

Because we cannot start negotiations for distribituan conditions without having a strong market research report.


If the verification of whether the bidders meet the distribution requirements is not conducted, the seller may encounter significant obstacles in the future. It is crucial to perform this verification to avoid potential risks and challenges.


If the agents in a foreign country are not regularly audited, it becomes challenging to achieve the desired performance. Additionally, if the agent is also selling similar products simultaneously, the content of the audit will need to be adjusted accordingly.

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Are you looking for a distributor in any foreign country? 

Presenting multiple candidates to our clients when the agent research is completed is crucial for QANAQ. Our experience has shown that the more options we provide, the greater benefits our clients can obtain. Working with a single agent or distributor in densely populated markets can unfortunately cause companies to waste time.

Increasing commercial income with local and strong agents is a sound sales management strategy for companies targeting densely populated African countries such as Nigeria. However, it is important to be careful about the rights granted to agents or distributors in the country's legal regulations. We have observed that exporters who register their trademark through an agent or distributor can experience disputes shortly afterwards and lose their market power due to the registration of their trademark rights on the agent or distributor. For QANAQ, it is crucial to position our clients correctly in a new country with the right strategy.

In addition, it is important for a company that delegates its e-commerce rights to an agent to be aware of the risks associated with the agency agreement. It should also be ensured that the agent complies with the quality standards to be followed when selling in developed economies, and that the exporter's rights are protected in terms of brand value and implementation procedures.

Do you want to become an agent or a distributor of any foreign company?

On the other hand, we must mention that we pay attention to similar conditions while providing consultancy services to domestic companies that want to become agents for famous foreign brands or want to obtain the distribution rights of foreign manufacturers.

Once we have found the appropriate agent or distributor for our client, we conduct periodic monitoring to ensure compliance with the agency or distributorship agreement as per our client's request, and then provide a report to our client.

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