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Marketing Services

We provide marketing consultancy services to companies that want to sell their products only in abroad.

Our marketing consultancy services are designed to meet the specific needs and budget of our clients and typically include the following:

  • Conducting market research and analysis

  • Developing marketing strategies and plans

  • Creating and enhancing brand identity and branding strategies

  • Positioning and differentiating products and services

  • Developing marketing communication plans, including advertising, public relations, and social media marketing

  • Developing sales promotion and sales support materials

  • Managing customer relationships

  • Providing digital marketing services, such as website development and search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Developing market entry strategies for foreign markets

  • Providing marketing training and coaching for company personnel.


International marketing services are usually provided as a whole with other services. For us, brand awareness and trust are essential services. Considering that many buyers and sellers come together in the foreign market, planning the first 1-3 and 5-year sales strategy is crucial for positioning the product or service.

It can also be stated that the marketing strategies for a company with a long-standing presence and a newly established company entering the market will differ. Each marketing strategy has its unique dynamics, and it is essential to adapt to these dynamics effectively in foreign markets. For example, we have observed that many textile firms in Dubai have failed to sustain their business for 1-3 years due to misguided positioning strategies, leading to the closure of their businesses.

Careful competitor analysis is another crucial factor in marketing strategy. Companies often misunderstand competitor analysis and attempt to apply similar sales tactics, disregarding the experiences gained by the competitor, resulting in failure. It is important to remember that successful sales and marketing strategies are based on deep experience and sales strategies appropriate for the company's history.

Are you looking for consultancy services on competition rules applicable in European Union member countries?

Another issue that arises in European Union member countries and the United States is the stringency of competition rules. Foreign companies that do not receive adequate consultancy services are unaware of competition rules and may face lawsuits against them for unfair competition.

For a company that is willing to make serious investments in marketing strategy, the risk of failure is very low.

Inexperienced and short-sighted companies tend to determine sales strategies based on cheap marketing reports and ultimately suffer losses.

One of the most important services we offer in our marketing services is representing our clients in B2B meetings.

We arrange one-to-one meetings with companies in foreign countries where you want to market your products or services, alongside our specialized representatives who operate in that country. During these meetings, we represent our clients and promote their products or services.

Would you like us to schedule B2B meetings for your product in a foreign country?

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