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Procurement Research

We offer comprehensive analysis and insights to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their procurement strategies, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs while ensuring the highest quality products and services.

The tender research service is tailored to the customer's requests and involves a preliminary evaluation of their business experience, personnel, and financial competence. Suitable tenders are researched and presented to the customer from public tenders announced in target countries that can be determined by the customer.

The tender research service is usually supported by a separate and specialized department in large companies. At QANAQ, we work closely with the departments involved in the company's internal structure to provide coordinated services. If a company requests specific tenders for the tender research service, it can facilitate a more efficient process. However, for companies that have not yet participated in any tenders in a foreign country, it is crucial to put forth extra effort in executing the tender research process after identifying the appropriate country for the company.

Are you aware of which countries' public tenders may be suitable for your company?

Although the public procurement regulations of different countries may appear similar from an external perspective, the process of participating in tenders and executing the awarded contract can vary in each country.

Thoroughly analyzing the tender process, contract terms, and post-award process in a country is crucial before preparing a bid for any public tenders. This is necessary to ensure that the client’s actual expectations can be met.

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