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Transportation Claims

We provide consultancy services for the resolution of international rules for transportation-related cases and disputes.

Our services include:

  • Investigation, examination, and reporting of the accident scene.

  • Listing and identification of missing goods through the local courthouse decision.

  • Control of preservation procedures.

  • Verification of compliance of the materials delivered with the contract.

  • Resolution of insurance disputes.

  • Driver faults and penalty disputes.

  • International transportation crimes.

  • Applications and requests for license documents.


If you are involved in any transportation-related disputes in a foreign country, contact us for consultation.

We categorize transportation cases according to the type of transportation: air, sea, rail, and road. Furthermore, we differentiate between cases involving the transportation of goods and those involving the transportation of people. Multiple transportation methods are defined in international agreements. It is crucial for the carrier to comply with these agreements and to have knowledge of the legal regulations related to air, sea, rail, and road of the countries that the transportation passes through.

Unfortunately, international criminal cases are also among the disputes that vary according to the country and the type of transported goods. At QANAQ, we provide consultancy services in collaboration with expert local law firms on crimes committed during international transportation services.

In addition to tax and other monetary fines, traffic violations also prevent timely arrival at the destination in many advanced countries. Non-compliance with traffic rules and ignoring rest periods exposes many drivers and carriers to sanctions that can cause delays.

A delay of even one day can cause significant damage to goods that are at high risk of deterioration. Therefore, ensuring a quick resolution and the continuity of transportation is essential for all parties involved.

 Have your goods been seized in a foreign country by the authority ?

Disputes that could arise from international transportation activities are as follows:


- Loss or damage of goods during transport,

- Delays or disruptions in transport,

- Missing documents or permits required for transport,

- Disputes regarding transportation fees or insurance fees,

- Security issues such as inappropriate behavior or theft during transport,

- Disputes arising from technical malfunctions or accidents of the transport vehicle,

- Disputes arising from errors or omissions in transportation contracts or documents.

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