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Contract Management

Step into the world of efficient and effective contract management with our comprehensive consultancy services.

Contract management requires serious attention and impartiality. As QANAQ, we provide contract consultancy services to the buyer&seller or contractor &employer, as well as providing impartial contract consultancy services on behalf of both parties.

Our company offers consultancy services on contract management for agreements involving a foreign party based in a foreign country.

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Do you need contract management service in a foreign country?

We provide contract consultancy services to both parties before and during the contract signing process, as well as after the contract is signed, in order to follow up on any shortcomings in the development of their commercial relationship from the beginning to the end, and prepare a report for the parties upon completion of the commercial transaction. The consultancy report we prepare regarding whether to enter into a new commercial relationship or revise the existing one at certain points is crucial for the parties.

Strengthening long-term commercial relationships is achieved by monitoring the contract process by an independent and unbiased third party after the contract is signed.


Many construction companies undertaking projects abroad require professional support during the contract management phase. We observe that numerous foreign companies with high financial capacities have had to withdraw from countries where they are undertaking projects because they were unable to effectively manage the contracts. These situations result in significant costs and time losses. To avoid such scenarios and ensure that the project is executed in accordance with the contract throughout its duration, it is essential to seek contract management services.

                                                    INSPECTION OF SUBCONTRACTOR

The inspection of subcontractors involves evaluating and assessing the performance, compliance, and quality of work carried out by subcontractors. This inspection is necessary to ensure that subcontractors meet the required standards, adhere to contractual obligations, and deliver work of the expected quality. It involves conducting regular inspections, audits, and assessments to monitor subcontractor performance, assess their capabilities, and identify any issues or non-compliance that may arise. The purpose of subcontractor inspection is to maintain project integrity, mitigate risks, and ensure that subcontractors contribute effectively to the overall project success.


Supplier contract management refers to the process of effectively managing contracts and relationships with suppliers. It involves overseeing the entire lifecycle of supplier contracts, from initial negotiations and agreement to ongoing performance monitoring, compliance management, and contract renewal or termination. The key objectives of supplier contract management are to ensure that contractual obligations are met, mitigate risks, optimize supplier performance, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. This process typically includes tasks such as contract drafting, negotiation, performance tracking, issue resolution, and maintaining open lines of communication with suppliers. Effective supplier contract management helps organizations achieve cost savings, improve supplier relationships, and enhance overall procurement efficiency.


We offer contract management services for both buyers and sellers, as well as contract consultancy services for international supply contracts where they may share joint responsibility, on behalf of the end-user. Our services for public procurement abroad, in particular, provide an advantage for joint ventures seeking to supply goods or services for an extended period in foreign countries.

We also provide consultancy services for the registration of foreign companies as suppliers in the service or goods procurement processes of foreign public institutions or state-owned enterprises.

Contract management consultancy creates an advantage for companies that want to provide continuous services in foreign countries and reach out to other buyers. With contract management, the local supplier firm that manages the process without encountering any disputes reduces their risks in the foreign country, protects their company and brand without being subjected to any penalties or sanctions.

We also provide contract management services in agent, distributor, representative, and other relationships. You can contact us to learn about the countries where we provide services and to obtain detailed information about our terms.

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