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Laws & Regulations

Import and export laws and regulations consultancy plays a critical role in assisting businesses to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of global trade.

The legal systems governing foreign trade are crucial for commercial companies that engage in regular transactions with foreign entities and conduct activities that involve money transfers. Alongside our money transfer services, we also provide periodic updates on legal and regulatory changes for foreign trade companies. Based on the client's specific business operations, we inform them promptly of any changes in the laws and regulations of the foreign country where they conduct business. This enables them to take necessary precautions and avoid any penalties resulting from legal changes.

For which foreign country would you like to stay updated on legal changes?

The frequent and rapid changes in customs regulations, import and export quotas, as well as laws related to the use of energy license rights being updated, prompt foreign investors to professionally track the legal changes in the country where they have invested due to these changes.

This situation is often encountered in relation to tax regulations as well.

The constant and unexpected changes in international stock markets and the prices they set have an impact on the import-export decisions of foreign countries and the tax rates established by authorities. Companies that engage in frequent import or export of goods or services from foreign countries may encounter obstacles such as delays in customs procedures, failure to complete them due to erroneous documentation, and even loss of goods resulting from untimely notification of legal changes.

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