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Project Research

We offer comprehensive analysis and insights to help businesses make informed decisions and successfully execute complex projects, from initial feasibility studies and risk assessments to project planning and implementation, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Project research is a process that includes both public and private sector projects.

The project research service, which also includes project development services, can be guided by information provided by the client. The service involves also receiving information about the project from the client and questioning its feasibility. Then, criteria for the project's viability are researched, legal barriers are investigated, and consultancy services are provided on the obligations that may arise for the contractor if the project is undertaken.

The bidding process for private sector projects identified by customers differs from public procurement processes. Private projects usually offer more opportunities for negotiation and persuasive ability. Cost is not typically the primary evaluation criteria for the employer. Instead, the employer aims to sign a contract with the company that can perform the job most accurately and quickly while offering the best and realistic price. Employers are also open to different contract models.

QANAQ provides its clients with access to exclusive foreign projects obtained through its extensive and experienced international connections, and reviews the terms and conditions.

Do you want to register on the supplier/subcontractor list of foreign private companies or institutions?

We offer a service to assist companies who want to register on the supplier lists of large businesses and companies, whether publicly traded or government-owned, operating in foreign countries. After examining the sufficiency of the conditions possessed by the interested company, we provide guidance and representation during the registration process, explaining the necessary applications and procedures needed for the company to register on the supply list.

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