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Sightseeing &
Legal Representation

We offer a range of personalized solutions to help visitors navigate legal procedures and requirements, and organize site visits for bidders.

It is mandatory to visit the place where the work subject to the tender will be carried out, and to sign a report indicating that the site has been visited by the representative of the bidding company in the tender specifications. If the site inspection procedure on the date and time specified by the tender authority is not attended, it is warned that the "site has been seen" is accepted as soon as the bid is submitted and objections regarding not seeing the site cannot be raised.

Institutions may organize site visits on the same day for all bidders, while others may schedule separate appointments for individual companies and require bidders to apply to the procurement authority for the site visit process before the deadline they have set.

QANAQ conducts the site visit process on behalf of bidding companies planning to participate in tenders in foreign countries and obtains the documents and information requested by the company from the procurement authority on behalf of the company.

It is important to review the tender specifications before the site visit and to prepare questions to be directed to the administration during the site visit.

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