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Trademark & Licenses

We provide consultancy services for our customers who do not have sufficient knowledge about foreign countries' trademark and patent regulations and the mandatory license applications.

One of the problems that companies producing services or goods abroad, or those dealing with import or export, face is the protection of intellectual property rights and license applications.

We support you to benefit from the necessary protections by providing the information and documents your company needs in a timely manner during the application and subsequent processes we carry out in compliance with national and international regulations.

In which country do you want to provide trademark protection in?

Once the trademark application is correctly filed, it is crucial to protect the trademark right against competitors and infringement during its usage period. Otherwise, the trademark right loses its meaning. We handle trademark applications for our clients in the countries they request and safeguard their rights against any trademark infringement after the application process is completed.

We ensure that our clients reach compensation rights arising from the unfair use of the trademark and that necessary government sanctions are taken to immediately stop the unfair use. Especially by coordinating with customs authorities, we ensure that necessary measures are taken promptly in situations where there is a risk of infringement of trademark rights and follow the necessary process for the destruction or disposal of goods from the customs area.

In foreign countries where trademark infringement is also protected by criminal lawsuits, we manage this process on behalf of our clients and ensure that the process is carried out in coordination with specialized law firms for representing them in the lawsuits.

Do you want to obtain an energy investment license in a foreign country?

We also provide consultancy services in the process of using licenses and related rights. License rights can cover many different topics, and the most common license rights we encounter are mining, oil and gas, and energy licenses. For our foreign investor clients who invest in foreign countries, we prepare reports on licensing processes in the country where the investment will be made and support in calculating the return on investment for the license. We carry out the process of license applications and document procurement, provide services to our clients regarding the protection of rights related to the license after obtaining the license and extending the term. Additionally, if our client is exposed to license cancellation despite the license period has not yet expired, we manage the legal process and operate the necessary ways for the cancellation of the cancellation process.

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