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Contract Relations

We provide expert guidance and support to businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of contractual agreements

The financial aspect of international investments and foreign trade relations has seen a remarkable surge in the present-day world. Despite seeking to leverage technological advantages, trade firms also aim to shield themselves against the risks associated with contractual relations that involve legal frameworks across different nations. Although contracts are perceived as safeguarding the interests of the parties, it is crucial and valuable for all parties to effectively manage the pre-contractual preparation, contract negotiation, execution, post-management, and dispute resolution stages in a professional manner.

QANAQ provides consultancy services that combine legal expertise with international understanding through partnerships with legal firms across various countries. Our services include providing clients with timely information to assist them in anticipating and mitigating risks, ensuring that agreement points between parties are explicitly addressed in contracts, managing their contractual relationships, and advising them on taking prompt legal measures.

Do you want to sign a commercial contract with a foreign company?

Differences in the implementation of contracts and commercial laws across foreign countries present challenges for foreign investors seeking to invest and expand their investments in those countries. To protect foreign investors and encourage investment, it is essential to apply alternative dispute resolution methods, provide digital application facilities, ensure easy access to legal texts in digital format, and facilitate access to court precedents through regulations. Professional contract managers should support initiatives aimed at safeguarding foreign investors and attracting them to invest in the country.


During the contract execution period, it is crucial to monitor whether the parties are fulfilling their obligations and if their willingness to comply with the contract changes over time, regardless of the contract type. Professional contract managers should supervise and manage various types of contracts, including long-term purchase and sale agreements, royalty contracts, licensing agreements, partnerships, construction contracts, employment contracts, and financial contracts, to ensure potential obstacles in their implementation are identified, addressed, and revised if needed. This approach helps prevent disputes between parties and enables timely collection of evidence to support any party seeking to prove their rightness during a dispute. Appropriate measures can be taken before or during a dispute to prevent unnecessary legal issues from arising.

Do you need assistance in managing the contract you have signed with a foreign company?

The importance of contract management in addressing issues arising from foreign energy investments has been repeatedly demonstrated. Moreover, the significance of professional consultants in the implementation of long-term construction contracts, foreign loans, and import-export agreements should not be overlooked. As time passes, your employees may encounter limitations in their intellectual development and find it challenging to adjust to different regulations, underscoring the necessity of expert contract managers in overseeing high-value contract relationships.

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